International Sugar Journal

How the physical forms of starch affect filterability at a carbonatation refinery. Part II: Simulated carbonatation filtration [Full subscriber]

Abstract Although starch is known to detrimentally impact carbonatation filtration at sugarcane refineries, the physical form(s) of starch responsible was unknown. This study was, therefore, undertaken to elucidate the effects of the physical starch forms, i.e., soluble and insoluble (swollen), and their concentrations, on carbonatation clarification reactions and press filtration using simulated melt liquors. Carbonatated liquors containing ≥250 ppm/Brix (USDA starch research method) total starch, insoluble starch, or soluble starch, and approximately equal amounts of % insoluble/soluble starch forms in a mixture were all detrimental to the simulated carbonatation refining process. High amounts of soluble starch accelerated carbonatation reactions, and…

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