International Sugar Journal

How the physical forms of starch affect filterability at a carbonatation refinery. Part I: Filterability of industrial sugars* [Full subscriber]

Abstract A study, using the USDA starch research method, was conducted to evaluate the effects of total, insoluble, and soluble starch on raw sugar filterability and viscosity. A filterability index (FI) value of 0.52 was determined using a DominoTM laboratory filterability method, based on the filterability of water (FI=1.00) and increasing amounts of soluble, swollen, and insoluble starch, and found to be the threshold that distinguished “good” filtering from “poor” filtering sugars. Studies on simulated affined sugar revealed that insoluble and swollen starches rapidly clogged filters, reduced filtration rates, and increased the viscosity of simulated melt liquors; whereas, soluble starch…

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