International Sugar Journal

How is the value of products derived from sugar beet and sugar cane shared between growers and factories throughout the world? Situation in 2022 and main developments compared with 2015 [Full subscriber]

Abstract An equitable payment system between sugarcane and sugar beet growers and the factories that process the crops underpins the sector’s viability. This study illustrates the diversity of payment systems that proliferate in both the cane and beet industries, with particular reference to those employed in 29 WABCG (World Association of Beet and Cane Growers) member countries. These vary from the government moderated systems (e.g. Morocco, Turkey, India) to where growers directly participate with sugar companies to fix their crops’ price (Australia, Nicaragua, UK). With advances in process conversion technologies which have helped realise increased revenues for factories from bagasse,…

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