International Sugar Journal

Evaluation of sugarcane borer (Diatraea saccharalis) resistance among commercial and experimental cultivars in the Louisiana sugarcane cultivar development program [Full subscriber]

Abstract Stem boring Lepidoptera, including the sugarcane borer (Diatraea saccharalis), are the primary economic pests of sugarcane in Louisiana, USA. Borer-resistant cultivars are a key component of pest management programs. Continued assessment of borer resistance among new sugarcane cultivars is needed to optimize management programs and improve development of new cultivars. Field studies were conducted from 2013 to 2016 to evaluate levels of resistance to D. saccharalis among commercial and experimental sugarcane cultivars. A range of resistance was observed among cultivars with 4- to 26-fold reductions in D. saccharalis injury by resistant relative to susceptible cultivars across trials. The variable…

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