International Sugar Journal

Evaluation of Moddus® as a new chemical ripener for the South African sugar industry: Preliminary findings † [Full subscriber]

Information from Brazil and Australia indicates that trinexapac-ethyl (Moddus®) is an excellent new sugarcane ripener. However, there is no information on the response of South African varieties to this chemical. The objective of this investigation was to establish the ripening potential of this chemical in local varieties and to compare responses with the current industry standards, Ethephon®and Fusilade Forte®. Evaluation was conducted in drip irrigated plant crops of N27 and N32 at Heatonville and Pongola respectively. Each trial was laid out in a complete randomised replicated design. Ripener treatments comprised (a) untreated control, (b) Ethephon®applied 84 days before harvest (DBH),…

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