International Sugar Journal

Energy traits in three sugarcane cultivars in Tucumán, Argentina* [Full subscriber]

Abstract         Bagasse (stalk fibre) and agricultural harvest residues (AHR) obtained from sugarcane are considered energy sources that can contribute to reducing the use of non-renewable fuels.  The purpose of this work was to characterize the main sugarcane cultivars grown in Tucumán according to the yield of fibre and AHR and their energetic quality components for use as fuel in steam boilers.  Three sugarcane cultivars (Tuc 95-10, TucCP 77-42 and LCP 85-384) were evaluated in four trials distributed throughout the sugarcane growing area of Tucumán.  The trials were planted in a randomised complete-block design with three repetitions.  Samples of 15 stalks…

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