International Sugar Journal

Efficiency of arbuscular mycorrhiza fungal inoculation with rock phosphate on soil-available phosphorus, and drought stress, growth and yield of sugarcane under field conditions* [Full subscriber]

Abstract      A field study was conducted under rain-fed conditions to investigate the effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), Funneliformis mosseae KKU-BRP-KK6-2 inoculation with rock phosphate (RP) application on soil-available phosphorus (P), proline content in leaves, major nutrient uptake, biomass, promotion of growth, and productivity of sugarcane. The experiment design was carried out in a randomized complete-block design (RCBD) with three treatments: control, AMF inoculation and applied RP (AMF+RP), and applied RP (RP). Data were recorded every 4 months until harvest (approximately 12 months). Colonization intensity in the sugarcane root was increased by inoculation of AMF. The available P in the…

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