International Sugar Journal

Effects of different types of storage and size reduction on biomethane potential of sugarbeet [Full subscriber]

Abstract Due to its high sugar content, sugarbeet are excellent feedstock for biogas production. Its limited annual harvests necessitate appropriate yet economic storage prior to anaerobic digestion. In present study, biomethane potential of frozen and freshly harvested sugarbeet was compared with low cost airtight ambient temperature storage. For airtight stored sugarbeet, the maximum rate of methane production was 12.4 LCH4 STP/kg/d, which was the highest amongst the three types of storage studied, and methane yield was 360.8 LCH4 STP/kg VS which was lower than frozen sugarbeet 423.4 LCH4 STP/kg VS but higher than fresh sugarbeet 220.2 LCH4 STP/kg VS. It…

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