International Sugar Journal

Effects of compost and mill mud/ash on soil carbon and the nematode community in a field trial on sugarcane at Harwood, New South Wales, Australia* [Full subscriber]

Abstract A field trial at Harwood, New South Wales compared an amendment of mill mud/ash with compost produced from mill mud/ash, bagasse and wood waste. The trial contained 13 treatments (compost at 13, 26, 55 and 66 dry t/ha; mud/ash at 15, 30, 58 and 90 dry t/ha; and urea at 0, 40, 82, 140 and 230 kg N/ha). Data collected from the two-year-old plant crop showed that both amendments improved sugarcane yield and that the response increased as the amendment rate increased. Analyses of soil organic carbon following plant crop harvest showed that both mud/ash and compost increased total…

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