International Sugar Journal

Effect of surface residue and potassium sources on potassium availability in two contrasting soils in South Africa* [Full subscriber]

Abstract         Condensed molasses stillage (CMS) is an inexpensive source of potassium (K) that is recycled back to sugarcane fields.  Little information on CMS use as a fertiliser is available in the literature.  The objective of this paper was to compare CMS as a source of K with conventional inorganic fertiliser.  Consideration is also given to the efficacy of CMS when applied on residues left in the field after harvest.  Trials were established on two contrasting soils, a pedorhodic (pH CaCl2 4.26, clay 46.6% and organic matter 5.4%) and glossic (pH CaCl2 4.29, clay 15.6% and organic matter 1.5%).  Treatments (five…

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