International Sugar Journal

Effect of sugarcane residue retention and fertiliser application on soil microbial abundance and community structure* [Full subscriber]

Abstract This study, carried out in a long-term sugarcane trial, investigated changes in selected soil microbiological properties induced by continuous crop residue burning or mulching, with and without fertiliser application. The sugarcane residue treatments are: a) burned with tops removed (Bto); b) burned with tops scattered (Bt); and c) green harvested and mulched (M). These treatments were either fertilised (F) or unfertilised (Fo). The amount of double stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (dsDNA), used in this study as an indicator of soil microbial biomass, increased with increasing crop residue levels (Bto: 10.4 µg g-1, Bt: 12.2 µg g-1, M: 14.4 µg g‑1)…

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