International Sugar Journal

Effect of dithiocarbamate biocides on gum-producing bacteria isolated from a South African sugarcane processing factory [Full subscriber]

Abstract Exopolysaccharide (gum)-producing bacteria cause financial losses to the sugarcane processing industry.  In previous studies, we have reported on the isolation of several strains of gum-producing lactic acid bacteria and Bacillus species from a South African sugarcane processing factory.  Here we report on the antibacterial effect of PreventolÒZ and BusanÒ1021, two dithiocarbamate biocides used in the sugar industry, on seven species of gum-producing bacteria.  PreventolÒZ, administered at 20 ppm, demonstrated a bactericidal (killing) effect against Leuconostoc mesenteroides A16-9, Leuconostoc lactis B9-3, Bacillus subtilis B7-19 and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens B7-51 after 6 h of contact, but had only a bacteriostatic (growth inhibiting)…

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