International Sugar Journal

Effect of abiotic factors and leaf-quality of sugarcane on the seasonal occurrence of Pyrilla perpusilla Walker (Homoptera: Lophopidae) and Epipyrops melanoleuca Fletcher (Lepidoptera: Epipyropidae) [Full subscriber]

Abstract A study was carried out to determine the impact of abiotic factor and leaf-quality of sugarcane on the incidence of Pyrilla perpusilla and its parasitoid, Epiricania melanoleuca. Maximum numbers of eggs (23.95-34.85 eggs/leaf) and nymphs (8.4-12.7 nymphs/leaf) of P. perpusilla were recorded in July-August 2011, and adult numbers peaked in August-September 2011 (7.15 adults/leaf). Maximum numbers of eggs (222-246 eggs/leaf), larvae (5.9-6.3 larvae/leaf), pupae (4.9-5.4 pupae/leaf) and adults (1.04-1.25 adults/leaf) of E. melanoleuca were recorded in August, September and October 2011, respectively. Percentage parasitism peaked d in October-2011 (43.2-56.7%). Temperature, relative humidity and rainfall were positively associated with the…

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