International Sugar Journal

Economic losses in sugarcane production caused by Diatraea saccharalis in Tucumán, Argentina* [Full subscriber]

Abstract         Diatraea saccharalis is the most important economic pest of the sugarcane crop in Tucumán province, Argentina.  This study aimed to characterize and quantify sugar losses caused by the sugarcane borer in different commercial varieties.  During the 2006 to 2009 harvest seasons, trials were conducted in fields of the La Fronterita mill, using three commercial varieties: LCP 85-384, TUC 77-42 and RA 87-3.  Infestations of D. saccharalis were evaluated on stored cane and cane which was not kept under those conditions.  Ten-stalk samples were analyzed to determine infestation levels (Intensity of Infestation: I.I. %), namely un infested cane, and cane…

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