International Sugar Journal

Diversity of Colletotrichum falcatum population in India: Comparative virulence at two different agro-climatic regions [Full subscriber]

Abstract The fungal pathogen Colletotrichum falcatum causing red rot in sugarcane exhibits enormous variation in pathogenicity. Detailed studies were conducted to assess comparative virulence of about 117 C. falcatum isolates collected from different states in India at two different climatic conditions viz., tropical (Coimbatore) and sub-tropical (Karnal) conditions for five years under field conditions on a highly susceptible cv CoC 671. Pathogenic reactions of the isolates were categorized into highly virulent (HV), virulent (V), moderately virulent (MV), less virulent (LV) and least virulent (LeV) based on disease reactions in the stalks. The isolates showed a year to year variation in…

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