International Sugar Journal

Differential response of Sugarcane (Saccharum species hybrid) genotypes to varied concentrations of NAA and sucrose for rapid in vitro root induction [Full subscriber]

Abstract An experiment was carried out to elicit the effect of different combinations of 2-naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) and sucrose on in vitro root induction in the sugarcane genotypes, viz CoVC 09-61-02, CoVC 07-06-05, CoVC 09-61-07, CoC-671 and CoVC 10-38-07. Among different combinations of NAA and sucrose used, medium containing 2.5 mg/l NAA + 30 g/l sucrose was the best for inducing rooting in genotypes CoVC 09-61-02 and CoVC 07-06-05. For genotypes CoVC 09-61-07 and CoVC 10-38-07, the medium supplemented with 4.5 mg/l NAA + 25 g/l sucrose was found to be the best for rooting. For genotype CoC-671, the medium…

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