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Diagnosis of Sugarcane streak mosaic virususing recombinant coat protein antiserum in sugarcane [Full subscriber]

Sugarcane streak mosaic virus (SCSMV) is the most widespread virus associated with sugarcane mosaic in India and other Asian countries. After characterization of the virus, detailed studies were carried out to express the virus coat protein (CP) in an expression vector along with maltose binding protein (MBP) as a fusion protein. Later polyclonal antisera were produced against recombinant SCSMVcp and the serum detected the recombinant MBP-SCSMV-CP fusion protein upto 1:40,000 dilutions in direct antigen coating (DAC)-ELISA and sensitivity of the antiserum was found to be as low as 2.5 ng in ELISA. Further, in the assays the serum detected the…

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