International Sugar Journal

Crop losses and varietal response of sugarcane against red rot disease in Pakistan’s Punjab province [Full subscriber]

Abstract Twenty seven varieties/lines of sugarcane were screened for the source of resistance against red rot disease in a field trial at the Sugarcane Research Institute, Faisalabad, Pakistan in 2011. Out of which only six varieties/lines showed resistant response while six varieties/lines exhibited moderately resistant response. The remaining fifteen test varieties/lines were found to be moderately susceptible to highly susceptible. Crop losses on the basis of qualitative analysis showed significant decrease in percentage brix, polarity reading, polarity percentage, purity, CCS and sugar recovery which were 10.81 %, 13.55 %, 15.20 %, 02.56 %, 14.61 % and 15.94 %, respectively.…

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