International Sugar Journal

Control of fructans, dextran, and mannitol at the sugarcane factory with commercial biocides.  Part I: Juice deterioration studies [Full subscriber]

Abstract In combination with steam and hot water, chemical biocides are used in sugarcane factories to mainly control dextran formation from mesophilic bacteria.  Microbial fructans have recently been reported to be consistently present in large amounts in cane products from Louisiana (LA) factories. This study was undertaken to evaluate if current commercial biocides used in LA factories can control the formation of fructans as well as dextran and mannitol.  Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and sodium permanganate, both oxidizing biocides, and sodium carbamate, a non-oxidizing biocide, were added to coarsely filtered crusher (first extraction) juices obtained from LA factories. Each biocide and…

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