International Sugar Journal

Comparison of two methods of retrofitting a bagasse boiler: increasing the heating-surface areas and installing a flue-gas dryer* [Full subscriber]

Abstract         The efficiency of a bagasse boiler increases as the final flue-gas temperature decreases.  High flue-gas temperatures may be used to reduce the moisture content of bagasse in a flue-gas dryer.  Alternatively, increasing the surface areas of an economizer and air heater can also decrease the flue-gas temperature.  In this paper, both methods of retrofitting a low-efficiency bagasse boiler, based on a boiler model and a flue-gas dryer model, are compared.  The bagasse boiler in this model consists of a furnace, evaporator, steam drum, superheater, boiler bank, economizer, and air heater.  Both models are used to demonstrate that, under the…

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