International Sugar Journal

Characterization of sugarcane grassy shoot phytoplasma and its impact on growth, yield and juice quality of old growing sugarcane varieties in North East Regions of India [Full subscriber]

Abstract An extensive survey was conducted during 2015-2017 in six North Eastern States of India covering 52 districts to record the incidence of sugarcane grassy shoot (SCGS) caused by phytoplasma and molecular characterization of the associated phytoplasma strains.  The disease incidence was in the range 2- 40%. PCR analysis using phytoplasma specific primers (16Sr RNA and secA genes), comparison of 16S rDNA sequences and phylogenetic analysis of SCGS strains confirmed the association of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma oryzae’ (16SrXI group) related strains in symptomatic sugarcane varieties in all the six states. The SCGS infection resulted in the reduction of growth parameters of…

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