International Sugar Journal

Characterization of sub-tropical sugarcane varieties based on distinctiveness, uniformity and stability testing guidelines of India [Full subscriber]

Ninety four sub-tropical sugarcane varieties, released for cultivation under north Indian conditions, were characterized at the IISR (Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research) DUS (distinctiveness, uniformity and stability) Test Centre located at latitude 26°56’, longitude 80°52’ and 111 m above sea level using morphological descriptors adopted from DUS guidelines of PPV&FR (Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights) Authority. Soil texture at the site was sandy loam. The varieties were examined for their distinctiveness, uniformity and stability during 2008- 10. Among twenty one visually assessed characters, seven were dimorphic and fourteen were polymorphic showing their potential for varietal characterization and distinctiveness.…

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