International Sugar Journal

Biological control of sugarcane borers in the province of Guangxi, China: the importance of Trichogramma releases and sex pheromones for field monitoring and trapping [Full subscriber]

Abstract The moth stem borers Chilo sacchariphagus Bojer (Crambidae) and Tetramoera schistaceana Snellen (Tortricidae) have been found to cause serious damage to sugarcane in Guangxi, China. Although various control strategies are used for the management of stem borers, biological control with Trichogramma parasitoid wasps and application of pheromone traps for monitoring and mass trapping of moth borers have been extensively adopted in area-wide integrated pest management. This paper provides an overview on the management of moth borers based on biological control with Trichogramma and using pheromone traps.…

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