International Sugar Journal

Biobased Polyamides: a commercial demonstration of synthetic biology [Full subscriber]

Abstract Synthetic biology offers the promise of harnessing the power of enzymatic systems to produce new materials, which previously have not been commercially feasible, or existing materials with an improved environmental impact.  Improving the environmental impact, as measured by life-cycle analysis, has motivated policy leaders to support bio-manufacturing and has resulted in several commercial projects to test this new technology.  Among these projects have been poly-butylene succinate (PBS), poly-hydroxyalkanoates (PHA), polylactic acid (PLA), ethylene glycol, furandicarboxylic acid, long chain dicarboxylic acid (LCDA) and pentamethylenediamine (PDA).  Polycondensation of these latter two monomers produces a new class of renewable polyamides that demonstrate…

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