International Sugar Journal

Anaerobic digestion of desugarized molasses from sugarbeet processing plants in a continuously fed anaerobic filter at thermophilic temperature [Full subscriber]

Sugar production from sugarbeet produces significant quantities of desugarized molasses also called concentrated separated byproducts (CSB) raffinate. about 0.25 tons of CSB raffinate is produced for every ton of sugar manufactured. Raffinate is an excellent source of biofuel through biogasification. Biogasification of raffinate can potentially yield 118 l of methane at STP per g. an anaerobic filter (af) was operated successfully at thermophilic (55°C) temperature for biogasification of CSB raffinate. The system was operated continuously for over 160 days without any major operational difficulties by feeding diluted raffinate. organic loading rate affected methane production efficiency (calculated as a percentage of…

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