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An overview of five years of balancing and efficiency improvement at Sanghar Sugar Mills Ltd., Pakistan [Full subscriber]

During 2007-2012, measures to advance operational efficiency at the Sanghar Sugar Mills Ltd. (SSML) were implemented. Subsequent observed improvements were compared with the data from previous 20 years (1987-88 to 2006-07). There was an increase in the daily crushing of sugar cane by 29%, the mills extraction by 0.84°, the boiling house efficiency by 1.45°, overall efficiency by 2.1°, sugar recovery % cane by 0.57°, sugar production by 37%, with improved quality white sugar of +99.8° pol and 30-70 ICUMSA color. In addition, there was a reduction in final molasses purity by 3.17°, steam consumption by 7% with extra saving…

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