International Sugar Journal

A new process for dextran preparation by dextranase addition coupled with sucrose feeding from Leuconostoc mesenteroides 31208 [Full subscriber]

Abstract Dextran is a microbial polysaccharide with glucose moieties linked by an α-1,6-glucosidic bond, and it is used widely in medicine, chemical industry and other fields. Dextran synthesis has been extensively examined, but there are few published studies regarding its fermentation process control. In this work, a new process for its preparation by fed-batch fermentation of sucrose and dextranase hydrolysis was investigated. Dextranase hydrolysis is a crucial step in sucrose fed-batch process, which not only decreased broth viscosity, thereby facilitating substrate (sucrose) feeding, but controlled the molecular weight of the product. According to the results, the new process resulted in…

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