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Novozymes unveils an improved enzyme for the cellulosic biofuels market [Registered]

Novozymes recently unveiled an improved version of its enzyme from the Cellic® stable for the cellulosic biofuels market. The new Cellic® CTec3 enzyme is claimed to enable cost-efficient conversion of biomass to ethanol and is 1.5 times better than Novozymes’ previous market-leading product, Cellic CTec2. Cost of producing cellulosic ethanol using Cellic CTec3 is claimed “to approach the level of corn ethanol and gasoline”. Speaking of this latest innovation, Novozymes’ CEO Steen Riisgaard said that several leading companies have “signed supply deals” for the use of Cellic CTec3 in their operations. Among the first-movers are M&G and Fiberight. “With Cellic…

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