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Michelin collaborates with Amyris to produce biobased tyres [Registered]

Synthetic rubber is produced from petrochemical feedstock. Michelin, the leading manufacturer of tyres for cars, bicycles, tractors and motorcycles is teaming up with Amyris to produce biobased tyres. The agreement involves the development and commercialization of Amyris farnesene-based isoprene trademarked as No Compromise®. Plant based sugars are sourced for the production of farnesene. Amyris operations in Brazil source sugarcane for the production of farnesene. Under the agreement, Amyris and Michelin will partner to contribute funding and technical resources to develop Amyris’s technology to produce biobased isoprene. Amyris expects to begin commercializing this isoprene in 2015 for use in tire and…

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