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Malaysia – Investments in bioeconomy exceeds US$5.6 billion [Registered]

Total investments approved by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd (BiotechCorp) have reached more than US$5.6 billion (RM18.2 billion) since 2011, exceeding the US$2.7 billion target for 2011-2015, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak recently. He welcomed the significant investment in bioeconomy as Malaysia’s journey towards becoming a high-income developed nation. Speaking at the annual meeting of the Bio-economy Advisory Panel, the Prime Minister said “The outlook for the nation’s bio-economy is truly optimistic”. On the development of BioNexus-status companies, he said the number has grown to 241 companies from 225 last year, despite the uncertain market conditions. The 241…

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