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Genomatica partners with Tate & Lyle to speed up commercial-scale production of Bio-BDO [Registered]

In a bid to scale-up production of Bio-BDO (1,4-butanediol), Genomatica is leveraging Tate & Lyle’s bio-process expertise through joint development agreement for the establishment of demonstration-scale plant. The Genomatica process produces biobased BDO product that is currently made from a variety of petroleum-derived feedstocks. BDO, an intermediate chemical with a $4 billion market worldwide, is used to make spandex, automotive plastics, running shoes, insulation, and high-value downstream derivatives. Under the agreement, Tate & Lyle will dedicate a demonstration-scale production facility in Decatur, Illinois, for exclusive use by Genomatica for the scale-up of the Bio-BDO process. Genomatica is ramping its process…

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