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Fives partners with Guangxi Construction Engineering Group for the supply of equipment for sugar plants

Fives, specializing in designing and building sugar production equipment and supplying services, signed On June 6, 2018, a cooperation contract with Guangxi Construction Engineering Group, a major Chinese turnkey contractor active in various sectors (e.g. construction, petrochemicals, energy) to supply equipment for the construction of sugar plants in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the company’s press release.

Within the scope of this 12-year contract, Fives will supply several sugar mills, vital equipment in sugar plants, and services related to their installation, commissioning and maintenance. The group will also provide technical assistance to implement the new workshop built by its Chinese partner.

As a first step, the equipment will be sold and deployed by Guangxi Construction Engineering Group through complete plant projects in South-East Asia where the consumption of sugar is rising steeply, requiring the construction of new production capacities.

Fives has supported the Guangxi Construction Engineering Group with its projects for over 15 years. The Group designs and supplies key sugar production technologies for its Chinese partner, including continuous vacuum pans and continuous and batch centrifugals, recognized for their reliability.

In the past years, 42 continuous vacuum pans designed by Fives were sold in partnership with Guangxi Construction Group.

Mr. Ningyun Jin, Chairman of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group welcomed the ongoing partnership with Fives crediting as “win-win approach” that has the potential to “open up to other technologies and sectors”.