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Evonik and BioAmber partner to produce chemicals from biobased succinic acid [Registered]

Evonik recently agreed with US based BioAmber on a long term cooperation for the development and manufacturing of catalysts for making BDO (1,4- butanediol), THF (tetrahydrofurane) and GBL (gamma – butyrolactone) from biobased succinic acid. BDO, THF and GBL are large volume industrial chemicals used in a wide range of applications including polymers, paints, adhesives and solvents. The global market for these products currently made from petrochemicals is $4 billion. BioAmber is a leading manufacturer of bio-succinic acid from renewable feedstock. This includes sucrose from cane or beets, glucose from wheat, corn or tapioca. Once commercial scale technologies have been…

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