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EU Commission raises 2014/15 sugar production forecast to over 19 mln t [Registered]

The European Commission has raised its sugar production forecast for the EU-28 to 19.070 mln tonnes, white value, in its new balance calculation dated October 30 from 18.967 mln published at the end of September. Carry-forward from the 2013/14 season was raised to 555,914 tonnes from 498,696 before and 673,928 tonnes a year earlier. 13.236 mln tonnes of the total will be produced under the quotas (which stand at 13.530 mln tonnes) and 6.391 mln tonnes will be out-of-quota sugar (up from 3.440 mln last year). With regard to the bloc’s combined balance sheet for sugar and isoglucose, the Commission…

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