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EnerDry steams ahead with sales of its beet pulp dryers

Over the past four years, EnerDry A/S has sold steam dryers with a total water evaporation of 260+ t/h in the beet sugar sector. Even though energy prices currently are low, there is an increasing interest for steam drying of beet pulp. This has led to an increasing sale of steam dryers.

In 2013 two steam dryers (size H and J) were commissioned in Europe. In 2014, two steam dryers size F was ordered in Japan. Last year, a beet sugar factory in France , commissioned EnerDry to install a size G steam dryer. With their experience and expertise, EnerDry steam dryers are acknowledged by its customers to be very effective. Further, following installation, dryers are usually fully operation within few days – first campaign availability usually exceeds 98%.

EnerDry recently received orders for installation of steam dryers for factories in Russia and Japan in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The CEO of the company Arne Sloth Jensen said “New orders continues to confirm EnerDry’s demonstrated ability to bring innovative, performance-based and environmentally sound beet pulp dryers to market.”