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Egypt – Beet and cane acreage to remain unchanged in 2011/12 [Registered]

Both the sugar beet and cane acreage in Egypt in the 2011/2012 season will remain unchanged according to Abdel Wahab Allam, president of Egyptian Sugar Crop Council, reported the al-Borsa newspaper recently. He noted that farmers will devote 400,000 feddans (168,000 hectares) to sugar beet and 320,000 feddans with cane this season. Last year, Egypt produced 2 million tonnes of sugar from 396,000 feddans of beet plus 311,000 feddans of cane. Annual sugar consumption in Egypt is around 3 million tonnes, necessitating imports to fill the gap. Allam said farmers had started sowing 350,000 feddans with beet. Lucrative prices offered…

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