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Coskata looking to expand into bio-propylene production [Registered]

With greater rewards from high value chemicals, Coskata is expanding its expertise beyond cellulosic ethanol. Gevo and several other advanced biofuel startups (e.g. Amyris, Codexis, Virent, Zeachem, Solazyme and LanzaTech) have already sought to diversify in the lucrative chemical sector. At the moment Coskata is focusing on the construction of its first “flagship” commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol production facility in Alabama, USA which will initially have capacity of 16 million gallons (73 million litres)/year. The Phase 1 expected to be completed by 2013. By 2015, total capacity is expected to increase to 78 million gallons (355 million litres)/year. Coskata’s hybrid production…

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