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Codexis and Chemtex pursue commercial scale production of biobased detergent alcohols [Registered]

Codexis and Chemtex recently announced the successful scale-up in the production of CodeXol® detergent alcohols using cellulosic sugars. The scale-up was achieved at a 1500 litre demonstration facility at Chemtex’s R&D complex in Tortona, Italy and is a key milestone in the ongoing effort initiated by the two companies to develop a fully integrated biomass to detergent alcohols technology. A combination of Chemtex’s commercially proven PROESA®cellulosic sugar technology and Codexis’ CodeXyme® 4X cellulase enzymes was used to produce cellulosic sugars from non-food biomass, while the CodeXol® detergent alcohol fermentation process technology – which includes Codexis’ proprietary microorganism strain – converted…

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