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Clarifier development [Full subscriber]

Lionnet (2013)  noted that “in 1894  Deming patented a settling tank which was the forerunner of modern continuous clarifiers; Davies in 1936 gave 176 references covering 21 different types of clarifiers”. This interest in clarifiers has not stopped. Before the availability of flocculants, installations were of the multi-tray type e.g. Dorr, RapiDorr, ATV, Bach, Graver, etc. With flocculants in 1970, the SRI single tray clarifier became very popular. This was followed by a New Generation SRI Juice Clarifier Design” (Rein, 2007). In 2013 Jensen investigated the concept of using the cane diffuser as a clarifier. Finally in 2016 Rein et…

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