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China – Guangxi sugar output to drop 16% in 2014/15 [Registered]

Sugar output in China’s top growing region Guangxi is expected to drop by 16% to 7.2 mln tonnes in 2014/15 (Oct/Sep) from 8.558 mln the year before, said Nong Guang, president of the Guangxi Sugar Association. Farmers in Guangxi account for two thirds of China’s sugar cane output. Last year, many switched to other crops such as mulberry, corn and eucalyptus after the government cut the cane price from CNY475 (US$77.5) per tonne to CNY440, he added. The acreage planted with cane fell by 15.6% to 900,000 ha, said Nong. The sharp drop in the autonomous region in southern China…

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