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Cathay investing US$500 mln to expand production of biobased nylon [Registered]

Cathay Industrial Biotech recently announced the construction of new plants to expand the company’s production capability for biobased long chain dibasic acids (LCDA),bio-pentanediamine (DN5), and bio-polyamide (bio-PA). These biobased intermediates are used in the production of biobased nylon. The new production facility is sited in Wusu, Xinjiang province, China. The new plant, scheduled to be completed by May 2017, will increase Cathay’s LCDA production capacity along with an additional 500,000 tons of PDA polymer, 1 mln tonnes of polyamide 56, and 150,000 tonnes of long chain polyamides. After over a decade of research, Cathay claims to be the first in…

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