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Brazilian researchers have developed high performing enzyme cocktail mix to hydrolyse cane bagasse for cellulosic biofuels [Full subscriber]

Brazilian researchers from Embrapa Agroenergia and the Sugarcane Technology Center (CTC) have developed an enzyme cocktail supporting competitive production of cellulosic ethanol from cane bagasse and crop residues. The patented CMX enzyme cocktail comprises mixture of enzymes (exoglycanases, betaglycosidases, polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs) and xylanases) produced from three different microorganisms. The latter has not been disclosed. However, most of the enzymes that make up the CMX enzyme cocktail were obtained from microorganisms of Brazilian biodiversity preserved in the Collection of Microorganisms and Microalgae Applied to Agroenergy and Biorefineries of Embrapa Agroenergia. The microbes have also been engineered to produce the enzymes.…

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