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Brazil – Petrobras expects reduction in ethanol output [Registered]

The state-owned energy company Petrobras said it expects its ethanol output in 2011/12 (Apr/Mar) to decline on the year, without giving a precise figure. In 2010/11, the company had produced roughly 1 billion litres of ethanol. 2012/13 ethanol output should exceed the 2010/11 level. The company in cooperation with Sao Martinho operates the Nova Fronteira ethanol venture with an operational mill in Quirinopolis, Goias and a project in Bom Jesus de Goias. Petrobras additionally has 45.7% stake in sugar and ethanol producer Guarani, with the remainder being held by TereosInternacional. Finally, the company in 2009 had purchased a 40% share…

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