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Brazil – Ethanol production in 2014 grew by 4% [Registered]

In 2014, Brazil exported 24,125 b/d of ethanol, down 52% compared to 2013.Ethanol exports to the United States represented 52% of total Brazilian ethanol exports. Africa imported 490,605 barrels (1,344 b/d), a decrease of 39.2% from 2013; Europe imported 141,521 barrels of ethanol (388 b/d), down 88.2% from 2013; and Central and South America imported 37,109 barrels of ethanol (101 b/d), a decrease of 97% from the previous year. The only region that saw an increase in Brazilian ethanol imports from the previous year was the Asia-Pacific, with 3.5 million barrels of ethanol (9,554 b/d), an increase of 9.6% compared…

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