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Amyris to expand production of farnesene (Biofene™) at Paraíso Bioenergia sugar plant in Brazil [Registered]

Amyris, Inc. announced on 22 March that it has entered into a manufacturing agreement with sugar and ethanol producer Paraíso Bioenergia S.A., in São Paulo State, Brazil. Under the agreement, Amyris will construct fermentation and separation capacity to produce BiofeneTM and Paraíso will supply sugar cane juice and other utilities. The new production facility will be designed to process juice from up to one million tons of cane annually. By leveraging Paraíso’s infrastructure and feedstock, Amyris expects to be able to begin production at the location in 2012. According to Ena Cratsenburg, vice president of Business Development at Amyris, “Biofene…

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