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Ajinomoto and Toray partner to produce biobased nylon [Registered]

Ajinomoto and Toray are partnering to manufacture the nylon raw material 1,5-pentanediamine (1,5-PD) from the amino acid lysine source from biomass via Ajinomoto’s fermentation technology. Process being developed for the biobased nylon involves decarbonating amino acid lysine through an enzyme reaction to make 1,5-PD, which Toray then polymerizes with dicarboxylic acid. An example of nylon that can be produced with this process is, nylon 56 fiber which has the same strength and heat resistance as conventional nylon fiber made from the petrochemical derivative hexamethylenediamine. It also absorbs and desorbs moisture nearly as well as cotton. The companies have already carried…

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