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Agrivida and Syngenta Ventures will collaborate to produced biofuels and biochemicals from cellulosic feedstocks [Registered]

Agrivida, Inc. announced a collaboration with Syngenta Ventures on 13 Dec ’10 to develop advanced crop technology that will provide low-cost sugars for a variety of industrial applications including biofuels and biochemicals. Under the terms of the agreement, Syngenta licenses to Agrivida access to crop technology and intellectual property in return for Agrivida equity. Agrivida will bolster its existing technology portfolio, including its proprietary intein trait platform, with technology licensed from Syngenta that will be used to develop new traits for multiple crops, including corn, sorghum, switchgrass and miscanthus. Agrivida’s traits will make next-generation bioproducts more affordable by significantly decreasing…

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