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Abstracts from the proceedings of the 2018 South African Sugar Technologists’ Association’s annual conference : Agriculture papers [Registered]

Sugar Industry Youth in agriculture: Securing the future of sugarcane farming in South Africa Dube S and Nicholson RJ Kwa-Shukela 170 Flanders Drive Mount Edgecombe, 4300, South Africa sinothando.dube@sacanegrowers.co.za richard.nicholson@sacanegrowers.co.za By 2050, there will be around 10 billion hungry people in the world and less farmland and resources. We believe there is a need for young leaders to be engaged in finding sustainable agricultural solutions to the growing global need for safe, nutritious food. Only by inspiring our youth to pursue careers in science and agriculture can we continue to advance sustainable and innovative agricultural practices and ensure the security…

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