International Sugar Journal

About Us

International Sugar Journal, first published in 1869, is a peer reviewed technical-trade journal focusing on latest developments in sugar technology and sugar industry. The journal embraces scientific and technical advances in agricultural production right through to the production of sugar crystal, as well as economic, trade and policy issues. Main topics include:

• sugarcane and sugar beet production
• front end operations
• cane and beet sugar manufacture
• sugar refining
• economics, trade and legislation and
• biorenewables (cogeneration, biofuels and biobased products)

Related topics, namely analysis, instrumentation, equipment and machinery, food and non-food uses of sugar and alternative sweeteners also form the focus of the journal.

The quality control of the technical content is supported by forty referees, highly respected figures in their fields, from industry and academia.

Sugar is the only commodity that is produced from two very different crops – sugar beet and sugarcane. The global sugar industry is fragmented. Sugar is produced in some 119 countries currently – around 80% of the sugar produced comes from cane and the rest from beet.

International Sugar Journal serves the information needs of a wide array of constituency in the global sugar industry, including senior executives, factory personnel, traders, consultants, technology suppliers, service providers, researchers and students.