Technical papers

Soil-binding adjuvants can reduce herbicide loss via runoff*

Abstract         Concentrations of a range of pesticides exceed water quality guidelines throughout the year in many fresh and estuarine water bodies of the Great Barrier Reef catchment.  To mitigate its impact and maintain its productivity, the Australian sugar industry is […]

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The Blackboard

Microbial polysaccharides at the sugar factory

Sucrose deterioration can be attributed to physical, chemical, enzymatic, and microbial deterioration. During microbial deterioration, a variety of extracellular polysaccharides or long chain sugar molecules (EPS, e.g., dextran, fructan), oligosaccharides (e.g., kestoses, isomaltotriose, isomaltotetraose, leucrose), sugar alcohol (mannitol), alcohols (e.g., […]